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Efficient personalization beyond just texts and emails in a company with Hubspot

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In today’s dynamic business environment, crafting a truly personalized customer experience is no longer just a luxury — it’s a necessity. While platforms like Hubspot offer powerful tools, they don’t always meet every nuanced need, especially for B2C marketing. So, how do leading brands bridge these gaps to achieve personalization that truly resonates?

Join us for a riveting 30-minute webinar where:
— Jasmine Martirossian, CMO of Shipmercury, delves into the nuances of what “Personalization” means for industry leaders like Shipmercury. She’ll unpack the business opportunities behind personalization, the roadmap to achieving it, and offer a behind-the-scenes glimpse into Shipmercury’s decision-making processes, highlighting how they navigated key managerial and technical challenges.

— Ivan Borovikov, CEO/Founder of a groundbreaking marketing platform that seamlessly complements Hubspot, will provide a fresh vendor-side perspective. Why might even the best software in top-tier companies occasionally need a helping hand? And what does a robust marketing tech infrastructure in a Hubspot-anchored company might look like?

If you’re a marketer or C-level executive aiming to elevate your brand’s personalization strategies and understand the tech nuances that can drive success, this is one webinar you won’t want to miss. Dive deep with industry experts and chart your course to personalization excellence. Register now!


Ivan Borovikov

Ivan Borovikov,
Founder, Maestra

Jasmine Martirossian

Jasmine Martirossian,
CMO/CPO, Shipmercury