Health Food Startup Pinemelon Generates 9.7% of Revenue with Email and App Marketing

Pinemelon is a local-first online grocery delivery in Denver, Colorado
Business scale. 
More than 21,000 customers in Denver
CEO, Pinemelon
Boost customer retention: more supportive marketing & flows at every step of the customer journey
Implement an omnichannel marketing hub Launch 21 communication flows across the email channel, website, and mobile app

IT stack. 

A websiteiOS and Android mobile appsMaestra Marketing Automation Platform
9.7% — DTC channel share in total net revenue55.8% — share of revenue from flows in DTC channel revenue

Time to value. 

Five months
Noteworthy features
Extended welcome series help to change consumer habits and boost the first purchase conversion rate
Pinemelon is a Denver-based grocery delivery startup that is revolutionizing customer experience by offering same-day delivery of fresh farm products including produce, meats, eggs in addition to other products. This innovative approach to the local market has required Pinemelon to compete with offline retailers for customers while simultaneously reshaping their shopping habits.
In such a challenging endeavor, regular and well-planned communication with customers is essential. That’s precisely why Pinemelon turned to the Maestra marketing automation platform.

Marketing Automation Results

  • 9.7%
    DTC channels share in total net revenue
  • 55.8%
    share of revenue from automated campaigns in DTC channels revenue

The revenue was calculated using the Last Paid Click attribution model for the five-month period during which the brand has used Maestra, from June to October 2023

Share of revenue from automated campaigns in DTC channels revenue

55.8% of DTC channels revenue comes from automated campaigns, meaning they require no manual effort from the marketing team. Thus, even in months when Pinemelon does not send any bulk campaigns, these automated campaigns will consistently generate the revenue equivalent to this 55.8%

How Implementing Maestra Transformed Pinemelon’s Communications

The Maestra integration took two months and was carried out by two developers. During this time, Maestra was integrated with Pinemelon’s website, ERP backend for purchase information updates, and iOS app.
With all of their customer data now unified into a single platform, the company has gained the capability to manage its communications across all channels within a single window:
Before Maestra
With Maestra
Email. Occasional bulk ad-hoc campaigns sent via Mailchimp.
Regular bulk campaigns.

21 automated campaigns launched, including a complex and sophisticated onboarding series.
Push notifications. Pinemelon sent bulk and transactional push notifications through Firebase. This hindered the team’s ability to perform audience segmentation or implement automation.
Apart from manual and transactional mailings, push notifications are included in most automated flow.
Lead collection on the website. The only way to re-engage customers who hadn’t completed their first purchase and left the website was through advertising.
A pop-up on the website collects user data, allowing Pinemelon to re-engage customers through email campaigns even if they didn’t make a purchase during their initial visit.

How Maestra Helped Pinemelon Set up an Automated Marketing System

Sample list of mobile push campaigns that were proposed for Pinemelon by Maestra’s customer success manager
To make adjustments and finalize new communications before launch, the Pinemelon team can simply add comments to the board
Below, we’ll explore several examples of automated flows.

Product Back in Stock Notification

Customers are sent updates when a product they wanted to buy is back in stock. This flow also contains the customer’s cart contents to help them come back and complete their purchase with the in-stock item.
An example of a “Product Back in Stock” campaign

Discounts on Favorites

Customers who have added products to their wishlist get a notification when an item is discounted, complete with recommendations listing other products in their wishlist.
An example of a “Discounts on Favorites” email campaign

Regular Customer Reactivation

The reactivation flow encourages customers to make another purchase. Each push notification is sent with a large enough interval to avoid spamming recipients:
Part of the reactivation workflow

The Welcome Series — a Key Campaign for Pinemelon

Once the essential communication flows had been launched, the Pinemelon team began strategically refining them to increase the effectiveness of the DTC channel, starting with the pivotal Welcome Series.

Welcome Pop-up

Pinemelon has currently launched one pop-up on its website, inviting new website visitors to get 20% off in exchange for a newsletter subscription.
Welcome pop-up
Since its launch in July, the pop-up has reached a conversion rate of 7.81%.

Welcome Series

Initially, the Welcome Series was launched as a set of three introductory emails. Over time, the Pinemelon team wanted to make them more personalized to guide users through the product, enhance their experience and thereby increase first order conversion rates. Consequently, the series has evolved into a communication flow with multiple branches, where email content varies based on whether the customer has made their first purchase and subsequent purchases.
This campaign is sent to customers who have made a purchase
This campaign is sent to customers who have not made a purchase
Each email includes personalized product recommendations to help customers select products they’ll love.
Customers receive promo codes in every email, with varying discounts based on their purchase history and recency. This approach allows Pinemelon to maintain profitability while providing substantial discounts to those who have already experienced the benefits of the product and are likely to become regular users.

Next Steps

In the near future, Pinemelon’s primary focus is to work on saving push notification messages in their app. This will ensure that call-to-action prompts aren’t lost and users can engage with the CTA even after swiping and dismissing the push notification. Even with notifications disabled, customers will be displayed the messages they missed once they launch the app.
The company also intends to review the performance of current automated flows, both in email and push notifications, and make adjustments if necessary. The goal is to ensure that the communication experience from clients' perspective remains smooth and not overly intrusive. Additionally, Pinemelon aspires to conduct more experiments with push notifications and pop-up windows to increase conversions for first-time purchases.