How Crocs is Transforming its Marketing: Customer Insights, Valuable Content, Positive Emotions

Crocs is a world-renowned footwear brand founded in 2002.
Business scale. 
An online store and 41 brick-and-mortar stores in the CIS
Alexander Kulev,
Head of Crocs' Online Store in the CIS
Automate marketing to boost purchases in the email and web push channels

IT stack. 

Website, ERP software
31 triggers launched for the email and web push channels

Time to value. 

9 months
The following case study is from Mindbox, the original brand behind Maestra’s technology

Marketing automation platform: implementation history

After the top managers of Crocs visited the CIS division in 2017, the team began to focus on growing their sales from digital channels. The primary focus was on the online store and marketplace giants like Lamoda, Ozon, Wildberries, and Tmall. In the CIS, the online store is an independent unit controlled by the CEO of the division.
Initially, the online store’s audience was not segmented. Customers used to receive lots of general emails like “Sale! Shop now!”. To make communication with customers more personalized and meaningful, Crocs needed a platform that would support a unified database to store its entire history of customer interactions. Crocs was looking for a way to fine-tune segments and triggered messages related to these segment.
In 2018, the platform choice was based on a questionnaire consisting of 40 criteria. Mindbox was not Crocs' first choice as the team was not impressed with the pre-implementation consultation.
In 2019, however, Crocs stopped using the first platform as it had certain internal limitations. Around this time, Crocs reps met Ivan Borovikov — the founder of Mindbox. The platform’s functionality seemed to be a good fit for the challenges they had, so the parties agreed to start the implementation. Since then, Crocs has been using Mindbox to store all the unified customer profiles and launch manual and automated emails and web pushes.
There is a single marketer to handle everything from creating a content plan to launching campaigns and analyzing results.

Automatic Campaigns Launched

The first thing we did was transfer the campaigns from the previous platform to Mindbox. This included email confirmations, abandoned carts, abandoned browses, and in-cart discounts. This transfer all happened within one week.
Next, Mindbox launched some new campaigns to include more customer behavioral scenarios. The team started with the email channel as this has the highest level of engagement among customers and because it gave us more opportunities to create valuable and visibly appealing content. Next, we launched web push notifications.
Marketing campaign list made for Crocs

Automatic Campaigns: Examples

Email: Discount Digest

Those who have not shopped with us for some time receive monthly emails about popular Crocs products on sale. The content of the email changes to fit the interests of the customer. For example, they may receive a discount for children’s footwear if they had viewed items for kids, or for men’s footwear if they had viewed items for men.
The discount digest is based on the interests of the customer and their previous orders.
Product launch email promoting the Post Malone x Crocs collab

Web Push: Collecting Email Addresses

The web push channel is a double-edged sword. A customer can easily subscribe to push notifications and abandon their cart without providing contact information. If a customer had subscribed to push notifications but did not leave an email address, they then receive an automatic notification asking them to enter their email address in exchange for a gift. On average, 2% of push recipients convert to email subscribers.
Once the customer clicks on the push notification, they’re taken to a special landing page where they enter their email address. After that, they receive a verification email. Once the customer confirms their address, another message is sent with a gift in the form of a promo code.
Among those who get a push email, 2% convert to email subscribers
Enter your email, confirm it, and receive your promo code!

Email: Calculating NPS on Fulfilled Orders

After completing an order, the customer receives an automatic email with a request to rate the quality of service on a 1 to 5 point scale.
Crocs Service Quality: Points Statistics
Once a customer evaluates the service, they are redirected to another page where they can provide more detailed feedback. Before using this tool, Crocs received only about 15 evaluations over 3 years. Once the new service feedback format had been implemented, 135 new evaluations were submitted within 4 months.

Marketing Development Plans

Our next step is to transfer product recommendations for customers to the website from a separate host service. In this case, customer recommendations will be more personalized, based specifically on a shopper’s order history.
Looking towards the future, we will continue to launch new and useful automated campaigns.