California-Based Flower Delivery Service, Blossom Flower, Generated $109,000 in 15 Days Using Website Personalization

Felix, CTO, Blossom Flower Delivery
Business scale. 
Same-day delivery across all 50 U.S. states as well as Canada and Mexico850,000 customers
Personalize the website to collect leads and increase the order conversion rate
Lead capture pop-ups

Social proofs

Personalized page headlines in the catalog

IT stack. 

WooCommerce CMS

Maestra Marketing Automation Platform
The website generated $109,000 extra revenue over 15 days (compared to the control group in Google Optimize)7,836 leads collected over the course of a month
Blossom Flower Delivery is a same-day flower and gift delivery service. Customers simply choose an arrangement they like, select a delivery date, specify the occasion and place their order. More than 850,000 people have used Blossom Flower Delivery over the past few years. The brand’s website is based on WooCommerce.
In this case study, we’ll detail how Blossom Flower uses Maestra to personalize communications with customers, collect new leads and generate more revenue, continually testing results and effectiveness with Google Optimize. The most striking results were seen in the conversion rates of social proof notifications. More on this below.

Testimonial from Blossom Flower Delivery’s CTO


Revenue uplift

To measure the revenue uplift from website personalization, each new feature was tested using Google Optimize — an A/B testing tool that works based on data from Google Analytics. Out of three tests, two showed a statistically significant increase in revenue — +34% and +11% respectively. Over the course of 15 days, the total revenue uplift exceeded $100,000.
  • + 34 %
    Revenue uplift from social proof personalization
  • $ 100,000+
    Extra revenue relative to the control group over 15 days
  • 5
    personalization campaigns launched on the website over 2 weeks

Social proof in product cards

Blossom’s website boasts dozens of stunning arrangements — but if the customer doesn’t know their recipient’s favorite flowers, it can be a challenge to pick a bouquet that they’ll like. This is where social proof messages come in, notifying customers of how popular a particular item is and providing them with more confidence in their purchase.
We decided to try adding embedded social proof blocks to product cards with messages such as: “X people are viewing this product now” and “X items were sold in the last 24 hours.”
We also set up an A/B test in Google Optimize to see how the original page compares to the variant with social proof. The results showed that the median uplift of the social proof block was +34% ($69,000) over the course of 15 days and 50,000 sessions:
Here’s what the social proof blocks look like on the website:

Floating bar pop-up: “Place your order within 1 hour and we’ll deliver today”

Blossom’s customers usually aim for a same-day or next-day delivery. By adding a floating bar to the website, the team wanted to motivate customers to complete their orders and secure same-day delivery. Using an AAB test in Google Optimize, we compared two variants that did not have the floating bar with a third one that did. The 15-day test ran on 780,000 sessions and showed an 11% median uplift for the floating bar variant.
This is what campaign looks like on the website:
“Place order within 1 hour and we’ll deliver today” floating bar


We added two lead capture pop-ups: the first one is displayed when the visitor has browsed a few pages on the website. The second is shown when they move their cursor in an attempt to exit (more on this pop-up below).
Over the course of 29 days, Blossom Flower collected 7,836 leads. The average lead capture pop-up conversion rate is 5%. The desktop version of the $10 discount pop-up has proved to be one of the most effective, converting 9.81% of website visitors to subscribers.
After the customer submits their contact details and subscribes, they’re shown a pop-up bar with their promo code, allowing them to continue shopping on the website and avoid exiting to search for the promo code in their inbox. They’re also sent an email with the promo code in case they decide to make a purchase later.
Statistics for the desktop version of the lead capture pop-up, offering visitors a discount in exchange for their email address
Lead capture pop-up with a $10 discount on the customer’s first order
After the visitor has submitted their contact details, they can copy their promo code from the pop-up bar:
We also send the customer an email with their promo code so that they can access it whenever they’re ready to make an order:

Other campaigns launched

Exit Intent pop-up

This is displayed when a website visitor moves their mouse cursor in an attempt to close the website tab/window. The conversion rate of this pop-up is 2.84%

Personalized catalog headlines

If we can determine the customer’s name using cookie records, we use it to personalize texts in the catalog by addressing them directly. This adds a nice personal touch that creates more of a connection between the brand and the customer.

Promo code from email

If the customer lands on the website after following a link in an email with a promo code, the website displays a sticky bar with their code for easier access.

Testimonial from Blossom Flower Delivery’s CEO


Blossom Flower launched a number of website personalization campaigns that generated $109,000 extra revenue over 15 days. The two social proof notifications that were implemented increased the revenue per session by 11% and 34% respectively. Pop-ups on the website currently collect leads at an average conversion rate of 5%, with a total of 7,836 leads over 29 days.
In addition to web personalization, Blossom Flower has also been using Maestra to improve its email marketing. The team has achieved a 426% ROI on email marketing by launching 38 campaigns over 41 days. Learn more in their previous success story: “Nationwide flower delivery service Blossom Flower launched 38 automated campaigns over the course of a month and received a ROI of 426% on marketing automation.