Wednesday, January 31st, 11 a.m. ET, Zoom

Personalization: Overlooked Area To Boost Profitable Ecommerce Growth In 2024

Communication synergy and deep
segmentation as key competitive advantages
for online retail and DTC brands

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We’re hosting a webinar with a top expert: Olga Denisova, a marketer who led her company to an IPO. She’s the former VP of digital marketing at SEMRush (NYSE: SEMR) and the current CMO

As we enter 2024, ecommerce marketing becomes more demanding. Rising CPC, shrinking budgets, the impending cookie ban, you name it.

The key to sustainable growth? Improving all funnel conversions. But how?

Personalization is the most overlooked area that drives improvement across the funnel.

Join us for a 40-minute webinar where we’ll show how to make your communications and offers:

  • • hyper-personal (based on user tracking & profiling)
  • • cross-channel (not just email & SMS, but also website, app, etc.)
  • • timely (based on customer journey and preferences)
  • • perfectly aligned (synergistic)

That’s not all.

The CEO of Pinemelon, a Denver-based food delivery company, will share their experience. They followed the above recommendations and achieved 55.8% of direct marketing revenue from personalized flows. Thus, even in months without bulk campaigns, these flows consistently generate equivalent revenue.


Olga Denisova

Olga Denisova,
Former VP of digital marketing Semrush,

Alexey Lee

Alexey Lee,