Thursday, June 22nd, 11 a.m. ET, Zoom

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Unlocking Quadruple Growth in Retail Customer Retention: An Untapped Goldmine

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As we navigate through the tumultuous landscape of 2023-2024, retailers are confronted with a trifecta of challenges — economic recession, evolving privacy trends, and the impending cookie ban. This period is particularly critical for mid-size and small-size retailers, as the emphasis shifts from growth to profitability. The harsh reality is that those who fail to adapt may struggle to secure capital and risk exiting the market.

Transitioning a company towards profitability is no easy feat, especially when tasked with maintaining or even enhancing marketing ROI amidst budget cuts. Yet, an incredible opportunity lies hidden in plain sight — the potential to quadruple customer retention marketing, while simultaneously halving the associated budget.

Join us for a 40-minute webinar where we delve into this untapped potential.

We are privileged to host an open discussion with Mikael Brakker, a seasoned eCommerce leader with a rich international experience at companies like L’Oreal and Joom, and Ivan Borovikov, a savvy entrepreneur and founder of Maestra, a comprehensive Customer Engagement Platform. They will share their invaluable insights on identifying and harnessing the 4x growth potential in customer retention marketing.

We invite all founders, CMOs, and retail business owners to participate in this enlightening conversation. Your input is highly valued!


Ivan Borovikov

Ivan Borovikov,
Founder, Maestra

Mikael Brakker

Mikael Brakker,
Global Commercial Director, Joom

Ex E-Commerce Director, L'Oreal