Privacy & Legal / Master Service Agreement (MSA)

Annex № 1
to the Master Service Agreement

Mindbox Service Rates (version 5.0)

This ANNEX to Agreement (hereinafter, Annex I“) is made and entered into ___ day of _________, _____ between Parties. Annex I determines the applicable Mindbox Service Rates. Annex I shall constitute an integral part of Agreement and continues to be in full force and effect in accordance with the provisions of Agreement.

Mindbox Service Rates are laid out as follows:

Basic module fare

Online access to Mindbox Service through a browser and an interface for automated interaction with other programs (API), import and export of data, segmentation, trigger events, reports, initial configuration of Mindbox Service, product training and assistance in setting up automatic campaigns, as well as technical support for the operation of Service are available from 9 am to 6 pm UTC +3 on business days.

The cost of Basic module includes up to 5 Accounts with support chat access, up to 1.5 million Clients, 250 million Client actions, 500 million Client segment change facts, and 20 million orders.

The cost of Basic Module is calculated based on the maximum number of Clients in Customer’s database for Accounting Period.

Number of Clients in database (maximum value per Accounting period)
Monthly fare per customer record, USD, excluding all sales and/or use taxes
0 — 3 000
3 001 — 30 000
117 for 3 000 Clients plus 0,007 per each Client starting from 3 001, but no more than 306
30 001 — 130 000
306 for 30 000 Clients plus 0,0054 per each Client starting from 30 001, but no more than 846
130 001 — 500 000
846 for 130 000 Clients plus 0,00233 per each Client starting from 130 001 but no more than 1 708.10
500 001 and more
1 708.1 for 500 000 Clients plus 0,00117 per each Client starting from 500 001, but not more than 2 878.10

Extensions fare

Costs per 1 item per Accounting period, USD, excluding all sales and/or use taxes
Clients exceeding 1.5 million
Client actions exceeding 250 million
Client actions exceeding 2 000 million
Client segment change facts exceeding 500 million
Orders exceeding 20 million
For each Account with support chat access exceeding 5
1% from Basic module fare

The maximum value of the corresponding parameter for the Accounting Period is used to calculate the Extensions cost.

Additional module fare

Additional modules
Costs per Accounting period, % from Basic module fare
Email. Mass, triggered and transactional e-mail messaging. Includes ESP with unlimited emails
Sms. SMS messaging via external gateway with same features as in e-mail module
Mobile Push. Mobile push messaging
Web Push. Web push messaging
Loyalty. Customer identification by card or mobile at classic store, mobile app or e-commerce. Bonus points management: account, collection and redemption. Cards management: blocking, replacement, personal page. Discount and bonus point promotions. Trade promotions: 3 for 2, happy hours, promotion codes
Customer’s personal page. Customer personal page, developed and hosted by Mindbox. Bonus points account details, burnout dates, purchase history, personal offers
Customizable product recommendations. Product recommendation engine: different algorithms (including real-time recommendations for non-authorized website visitors), ability to manually tune-up conditions
Best sending time. Algorithm that automatically determines the best time of the message to be sent to the customer
Next Best Action. The algorithm maximizes probability of purchase by using machine learning technology for prediction of the best day for sending a letter with personal recommendations
Website personalization. Pop-ups and built-in blocks with a customizable dynamic content. Customizable scenarios are based on the data stored in the CDP. 100+ ready-to-use templates, third-party design and mark-up could be used too
Ad optimization. Integration with the key ad systems (Facebook etc)
Enterprise security. Extra data protection measures: IP restrictions, customer data masking, SIEM Export
In-App. Pop-ups in mobile apps based on CDP data

The cost of Basic Module for the purposes of the Additional Modules cost calculation is applied without the cost of Extensions.

Additional services

Scope of the Services
Costs per hour, USD, excluding all sales and/or use taxes
Manager’s advisory services

The total cost of Subscription to Mindbox Service for Accounting Period is calculated as the sum of Basic module, Extensions, Additional modules, and Additional services costs and cannot be less than 1458 USD, excluding all sales and/or use taxes (except for an incomplete Accounting Period). If “Loyalty Additional Module” is activated, then the total cost cannot be less than 1 896 USD . These limits are applicable if Manager and Lead manager have been assigned.

Staging project

Costs per 1 item per Accounting period, USD, excluding all sales and/or use taxes
146 USD + 0,0002188 USD per each Customer + 0,000019 USD per each Action/or use taxes


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