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October 1, 2021

Key Platform Updates in Q3, 2021

With our new product, “Ad Optimization,” you can launch segmented customer advertising on Google, Facebook, Instagram and MyTarget.

Imagine that Ads Managers know as much about your customers as CDP does. For example, Facebook finds customer accounts in churn and shows them brand advertisements while they're scrolling through the feed. Or, if more potential customers need to be generated, you can run a look-alike search on your active customer database. This is how the new Mindbox module, “Ad Optimization,” works.

Media automatically transmits audience segments to the Ads Managers of Google, Facebook, Instagram, and MyTarget for launching personalized advertising campaigns. Currently, Media is capable of working with audiences of up to 1 million people.

To connect the module, simply contact your customer success manager at Mindbox.

Ad Optimization Module

The May-Foods marketing team had been among the first to try out Ad Optimization. They launched segmented advertisements for active and churned subscribers of tea and coffee brands such as Richard, Coffesso, and Curtis.

Client’s Feedback

When it came to the churned subscribers who could not be reactivated, we decided to permanently remove them from the database.

As for the active segment, the results were quite good. At the same time, the efficiency of advertising is expected to increase as the database grows. The larger a database is, the better it will operate.

Look-alike, applied to active subscribers, ended up being the most efficient and cost-effective approach for us. As a result, coverage has increased dramatically.

Alexander Zavgorodny, CRM Manager of May-Foods

Alexander Zavgorodny, CRM Manager of May-Foods

Launch your Marketing Campaings Faster. The Visual Scenario Designer is Now Available to Everyone

It is now faster and more convenient to create and run automatic chains of personalized marketing campaigns in the Visual Scenario Designer. These chains can be assembled from ready-made blocks of events, conditions, and customer actions.

Abandonned cart scenario with a mobile push notification and a mailing
For example, the response to an abandoned cart scenario is mobile push notifications or mailings via the customer’s email channel.

Mobile Apps Were Integrated in One Week, Thanks to the SDK.

Integration with a mobile app makes it possible to collect customer registration, items viewed, and cart content data. Most importantly, it makes it possible to send free mobile push notifications instead of expensive text messages.

It used to take up to three months to integrate a mobile app, now it takes only a week. Thanks to the free SDK library, you can save developers time and resources, and expect fewer integration errors. Moreover, developers can utilize the SKD’s accompanying ready-made instructions to seamlessly integrate an app.

Following the Redesign, Viewing and Editing Products Have Become Much more Convenient

The first page of the platform affected by the updated design was the product page. Prices and availability are immediately visible, and by simply clicking on an item you can see more detailed information, including photos. The product list automatically loads, so no time is wasted by scrolling.

By clicking on an item, you can see more detailed information, including photos
By clicking on an item, you can see more detailed information, including photos.

The product editing page has also been updated. Not only is it more convenient, but it also loads faster, even if the product contains multiple additional fields.

The new product editing page
The new product editing page loads faster.
The following case study is from Mindbox, the original brand behind Maestra’s technology