How UGG Used Automated Communications to Increase its Email Revenue Share to 18%

The following case study is from Mindbox, the original brand behind Maestra’s technology
UGG® is an American footwear company. The brand has stores in more than 130 countries. In 2016, UGG launched an online store in the CIS and chose Mindbox as its marketing automation tool for emails and product recommendations.

How UGG increased its revenue

UGG started using Mindbox at the end of December 2016. They soon began sending special offers to loyal customers via email. All the technical aspects and integrations were finished by January 2017, when the team launched their first trigger-based campaigns. This resulted in great revenue growth for their email channel. Customers loved receiving highly personalized messages tailored to their individual preferences. In June, the email channel share had grown to 18% of the online store’s overall income. The data was aggregated using Google Analytics.

Trigger-based email campaigns

We launched 14 trigger-based email campaigns over the course of four months, including:
  • Abandoned view
  • Abandoned category
  • Abandoned cart
  • Birthday sequence
  • Next best offer
  • Special abandoned item
  • NPS
  • One year after the first purchase
  • Welcome lette

NPS: net promoter score

UGG cares about its customers and wanted to know what they think about its service quality. After delivering an order, UGG automatically sends a letter with a questionnaire to evaluate the probability of customers recommending the UGG online shop to their friends and family members. We save their rating and divide customers into appropriate segments.

Special abandoned item

UGG’s «Special abandoned item» marketing campaign is a variation of the abandoned cart workflow. We use it if a customer adds an item to their cart but doesn’t buy it and decides to leave the website. The key difference between the usual abandoned cart and special abandoned item is that the latter revolves around one specific item in the cart. It explains the main advantages of this item, provides colorful images, personalized text, and so on. For example, if a customer adds Milana moccasins to their cart, the platform send an email sequence about this specific shoe model. The emails are meant to provide the customer with reasons why they should purchase these moccasins.

Website product recommendations

UGG uses our product recommendations on all pages of their online store. Our special presets create personal recommendations based on a customer’s preferences and activity on the website. We select items depending on properties like material, color, and model.

Short overview

UGG CIS online store launched multiple trigger-based messages and acquired a powerful tool for customer segmentation based on their behavior, purchase history and other data. This allowed UGG to create a highly personalized product recommendation system in less than four months. The results are astonishing: email revenue grew, boosting the email channel share from 1% to 18% in six months. The next step will be integrating the brick and mortar shops with Mindbox to create a unified omnichannel communication model.

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