Raiton Case Study: Unlocking Unprecedented Growth — The Sleep Goods Store’s 8-Fold Rise in Email Channel Revenue

The following case study is from Mindbox, the original brand behind Maestra’s technology
Raiton received a 468% ROI from Mindbox, increasing the share of revenue from direct communications from 1.5% to 13% with the help of 24 automatic campaigns and the use of product recommendations in communications with customers. Andrey Korchunov, Head of the Internet project at Raiton shares this case.


The Raiton online store connected Customer Engagement Platform Mindbox following their partners’ recommendation. I was really impressed by a previous project’s success, so we decided to choose Mindbox for Raiton’s marketing endeavors. Our primary goal was to harness the platform’s capabilities to automate email communications and incorporate product recommendations seamlessly into our email campaigns.

Key Figures

  • 468 % ROI
    from Mindbox
  • 24
    automatic campaigns launched in the email channel
  • 8 x
    growth of the email channel over 1 year of operation

Results in Revenue from the Email Channel

In our partnership, the key business metric for measuring the success of working with Mindbox lies in the proportion of revenue derived from the email channel compared to the overall income of our online store. Over the course of one year, this channel has experienced an astonishing eight-fold growth, surging from an average of 1.5% to an impressive 13%. These remarkable results are extracted from the comprehensive summary report on Mindbox campaigns, utilizing the last paid channel method throughout our entire collaboration.
In April and May, our promotion, offering discounts of up to 35%, fueled substantial growth. We launched a few manual campaigns informing our customers about the promotion. As a result, the email channel experienced an impressive surge, peaking at a remarkable 17.8% share of revenue. However, as the promotions ended, the channel naturally settled at 8.98%
The share of revenue from campaigns relative to the total income of the online store

ROI from Mindbox

We calculated the ROI from Mindbox using the indicators for 1 year:
  • Email marketing profit margin using the Last Click Attribution method.
  • The cost of a Mindbox subscription excluding VAT.
Our client asked us not to disclose the exact figures in this article. Nevertheless, the formula looks like this:
The ROI of Raiton brought by Mindbox is 468%. Every $1 spent on the Mindbox platform brings the client $4.68.


In order to automate communications via an email channel, it was necessary to:
  1. Register DKIM and SPF digital signatures for sending campaigns on behalf of Raiton and integrate Mindbox with the ERP-based website and backoffice.
  2. Set up and launch automatic campaigns with product recommendations.



To seamlessly integrate the Raiton online store systems with Mindbox, we took the necessary steps regarding the hosting side of operations, such as registering DKIM and SPF digital signatures, enabling us to send campaigns on behalf of Raiton. Additionally, we configured data transfer from the website using JS-scripts and established data exchange with the ERP-based backoffice to ensure smooth transfer of order statuses.
As a result of integration, the Mindbox code monitors the behavior of customers on the website and receives current order statuses from the ERP. The received data is used to launch automatic personal communications.
After integration, we started setting up automatic campaigns in the email channel using product recommendations.

Launching Automatic Campaigns

In total, 24 automatic campaigns were set up on the project, covering the entire customer life cycle: newcomers, regular customers, and churn. Let’s talk about two automatic campaigns configured on the project: a repeated abandoned browse with a promo code and a repeated abandoned session

Repeated Abandoned Browse with a Promo Code

To address instances where customers have viewed products but not added them to their carts, we have implemented abandoned browse notifications. This means that customers will receive emails featuring the products they previously viewed. In the event that the customer does not respond to the initial email, after a few days, a second email will be sent, offering a promo code entitling them to a 10% discount on their order value. This approach aims to re-engage customers and provide an enticing incentive to encourage them to complete their purchase.
Example of an email of repeated abandoned browse with a promo code

Repeated Abandoned Session

Our strategy for handling repeated abandoned browsing sessions is tailored for customers who have visited the website multiple times in recent days without making a purchase. If a customer has visited the website multiple times, viewed products, or added items to their cart but did not complete the purchase, it is highly probable that they have already received an abandoned browse or abandoned cart notification. In our follow-up email after a series of abandoned sessions, we showcase our best-selling Raiton products from the previous month.
Example of an email after a repeated abandoned session

Summary and Next Steps

We successfully integrated with Raiton’s online store, implementing automation across 24 email flows to enhance communication. By incorporating product recommendations, we significantly boosted the contribution of the email channel to the overall revenue of the online store, reaching a share of 13%. The next step is to automate campaigns in the web push channel.