27% Email Contribution Boost in Total Business Net Revenue. How Movavi Transformed Communications With a Global Audience

Movavi is a global software company that offers a wide range of photo and video editing tools for casual and commercial use 
Company size. 
70 million users in 190 countries
Increase share of revenue within the email channel
Implement an omnichannel marketing hubUpdate email design and communication approachSend bulk campaigns segmenting audiences by language, interests and activityLaunch 60 flows containing email campaigns and pop-ups, localized into 5-9 languagesImprove communications launching regular A/B tests

IT stack. 

Movavi’s Website and Internal Movavi Database, Maestra Omnichannel Marketing Hub
27% email contribution boost in total net revenue3.7% → 4.7% — email share in total net revenue (Results compared for H1 2022 and H1 2023)
Movavi is a global software company that offers multiple programs for photo and video editing. Its key markets include the U.S., Latin America, Europe, India, and South Korea. Movavi’s products have been localized into dozens of languages and are available on all major platforms and devices. All of these factors play a huge role in their marketing and communications, resulting in multiple segments and languages, within each marketing flow. 
In 2022 the company decided to transform its customer relationship management by implementing an omnichannel marketing hub, consolidating all customer data and marketing into a single platform. Now Movavi effectively handles over 60 marketing flows, regularly sends segmented bulk campaigns, and conducts frequent A/B tests to learn more about its customers and improve communications.
This story is the first in a series of case studies on Movavi’s marketing. In this story, we’ll go into detail on the flows that generate 91% of Movavi’s email net revenue.

Marketing automation results

  • 27%
    email contribution boost in total net revenue
  • 3.7% → 4.7%
    email share in total net revenue
  • 91%
    share of revenue from flows in email net revenue (H1 2023)

Data from Movavi’s internal reporting. Custom attribution method used. Results compared for H1 2022 and H1 2023

Email share in total net revenue

Data from Movavi’s internal reporting. Custom attribution method used

Share of revenue from marketing flows in email net revenue

Data from Movavi’s internal reporting. Custom attribution method used
91% of email revenue comes from flows, meaning they require no manual effort from the marketing team. Thus, even in months when Movavi does not send any bulk campaigns, these flows will consistently generate the revenue equivalent to this 91%
Movavi Video Suite 2024 newsletter for English-speaking users...
...and its equivalent for Spanish-speaking users

Why Movavi Implemented Maestra

In 2022, Movavi decided to implement an omnichannel marketing hub to transform its marketing and customer relationship management. Movavi selected Maestra based on a thorough evaluation of 20 criteria, including the following:
  • Data management. Movavi was looking for an augmented user profile with advanced filtering and segmentation capabilities.
  • Functionality. A wide range of modules for emails, mobile and web push notifications, along with webhooks, was essential to cater to present and future needs.
  • A/B testing capabilities.
  • User-friendly and convenient reports.
  • Reliability and IT Security.
  • Cost-effectiveness.
Customer profile changelog in Maestra

How 60 Flows Help Movavi Capture Every Stage of the Customer Lifecycle

Movavi’s marketing flows are designed to identify customer interests from the moment they sign up and offer them relevant products. Communications are tailored depending on multiple factors:
  • The program the customer has bought.
  • The trial program they have downloaded.
  • The webpage where they provided their email.
  • The product they have shown interest in during email surveys.
Furthermore, Movavi’s product promotion strategy relies heavily on trial-based approaches, where users try out software before making a purchase. This means that their customer base can be split into three key segments:
  • Newsletter subscribers without a trial or subscription,
  • Trial users,
  • Customers that have purchased software.
These flows are structured in a way that the offers for these segments can differ within each email series. A good example of this is the product series.

Product Series

This series of six emails is sent to all three key segments: newsletter subscribers, trial users, and customers. Depending on the recipient, the content is slightly modified. For example, subscribers are displayed trial buttons, trial users are displayed purchase buttons and customers are displayed links to learn more about the product. Furthermore, these segments get different additional offers, recommendations, and sometimes even completely different letters
A sample of the email campaigns sent within the flow. The first campaign is sent to recipients who are considering making a purchase, the second is sent to those who have already purchased the product
Moreover, if a customer’s status changes while they are receiving the product series, the content of the series will also change accordingly. For instance, a customer might receive the first email of a series as a subscriber, where they are offered a product for purchase. If they make a purchase, they will then continue to receive the series as a customer, receiving guidance on using the purchased product with a showcase of complementary software. It was the implementation of Maestra that allowed this flow logic to be realized.
  • 144 
    email campaigns across different segments in Movavi’s Video Editor flow 

Lead capture

Movavi uses a variety of different lead capture pop-ups (these are set up through another marketing tool). Depending on their life cycle stage, customers may be offered discounts, gifts, guides, and more in exchange for their email address.
For instance, Movavi’s Effect Store (where customers can purchase extra video editing features, such as effects, stickers, and transitions) displays a pop-up when a customer has browsed content for a prolonged period of time.
The pop-up offers to send customers an email with a collection of the most popular effects
Email received by those who submit their contact details

Abandoned View Flows

Abandoned view flows are sent when a user demonstrates interest in a product: visits the product page, “Buy Now” page, or shopping cart — but does not complete the purchase. At the same time, the message sending frequency is limited to prevent communication overload.
Flow example offers customers a discount on the product they viewed
Flow example offers discount and showcases other products the customer may be interested in

Sales and Promotions

Movavi runs sales a few times a year. Email flows are sent across all locales and for all user segments (customers, trial users, and newsletter subscribers).
Valentine’s Day campaign
Spring sale campaign

Next Steps

Movavi is currently working on the development of other communication channels, including in-program notifications.

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