4.5x Revenue Boost — How Level Up Basketball App Improved Customer Journeys

Level Up Basketball is a basketball training app for players and coaches. Powered by AI, community, gamification, and tools for coaches
Company size. 
127,000 users
Co-Founder and CEO
Increase revenue
Reinvent key customer journeys: installation → trial, trial → subscription, retention

IT stack. 

iOS and Android mobile appsMaestra — the next generation marketing platform for e-commerce
4.5x increase in revenue4.2% → 10.3% — conversion rate from installation to trial 19% → 27% — conversion rate from trial to subscription+19.8% — LTV growth(2023 vs. 2022)
For any app startup, key success indicators are installation to trial conversion, trial to subscription conversion, and LTV. These metrics reveal how well people understand the value of the product and their likelihood of becoming loyal users. This is why Level Up Basketball focused on these metrics and reinvented related customer journeys. The company has implemented Maestra, launched complex journeys across the email channel and mobile app — and quadrupled revenue.

Results 2023 vs. 2022

  • 4.5x
    increase in revenue
  • 4.2% → 10.3%
    CR from installation to trial
  • 19% → 27%
    CR from trial to subscription
  • +19.8% 
    LTV growth
Data from adapty.io

Installation → Trial Journey

For subscription-based mobile apps, it is very important to motivate newcomers to evaluate the full functionality of the app. Therefore, all communications with the new users are strategically designed to encourage them to start a trial or purchase a subscription.
Previously, trial and subscription were only offered during onboarding. The implementation of Maestra allowed the team to build a complex flow for this part of the customer journey.

Installation → Trial Communications before Maestra


Trial → Subscription Communications with Maestra

Trial → Subscription Journey

The trial period is crucial — it’s the window where users get to explore the entire functionality on offer within the app. As a result of the trial, users decide on a paid subscription.
Level Up Basketball’s strategy involves engaging users with regular push notifications and emails, reminding them that the trial period is about to expire and suggesting activities to try while it is available. The user receives reminders three days and then one day before the trial period expires. Once the trial period is over, they get a promo code to incentivize purchasing a subscription.

Trial → Subscription Communications before Maestra


Trial → Subscription Communications with Maestra


Once a user has subscribed, it’s important that they use the app consistently. However, it can be challenging for amateur basketball players to maintain regular workouts. That’s why the team launched a special flow to encourage training consistency and increase app retention and users’ lifetime value.

Training Consistency Communications before Maestra


Training Consistency Communications with Maestra

Streak mechanics are often used in sports applications. Special notifications celebrate the successes of Level Up Basketball’s users who have exercised for three days and a full week in a row.

Streak Communications before Maestra


Streak Communications with Maestra

To increase retention and LTV, Level Up Basketball offers not only a variety of workouts, but also gamification within the app—email and mobile push campaigns help to remind users about them.

Levels and Awards

Level and reward systems work well in sports apps—they motivate players to practice more often.
New level notification
New award notification

Avatar Customization

A user can earn coins for in-app activities and customize their avatar:
One of the flows helps to engage users in this gamification.

Avatar Customization Communications before Maestra


Avatar Customization Communications with Maestra

Prediction Game

Typically, Level Up Basketball users are not just avid players, but also NBA fans who follow games. App capitalized on this by introducing an extra incentive for users to return to the app. This is how the Prediction Game was born, where users can guess the outcome of a game and earn additional points for correct predictions. Automated mobile push notifications remind users to participate and inform them of the results.

Prediction Game Communications before Maestra


Prediction Game Communications with Maestra

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