Uploading the Audience from the CDP into Ad Accounts Helped Restaurant Consulting Company italy&co. Reduce Lead Costs by 2.5 Times

italy&co. is a vibrant community of restaurant experts that manages 15 restaurants and develops delivery and consulting services. The first restaurants were opened in 2010.
Company size. 
15 restaurants in 2 large cities
Anastasia Sokolnikova,
Head of Digital Marketing at italy&co.
Optimize advertising by reducing lead costs and increasing conversion rates
Automatically transfer audiences to ad accounts using the Mindbox Ad Optimization module

IT stack. 

Tilda website, iiko ERP system, marketing automation platform
60% reduction in lead acquisition cost from $5 to $2

23% increase in contextual advertising revenue

41% increase in delivery process conversions

25% increase in overall table reservations

15% boost in contextual advertising ROI  
The following case study is from Mindbox, the original brand behind Maestra’s technology
Restaurant expert community, italy&co., has been collecting and segmenting audiences in a CDP since mid-2020. November 2021 marked the beginning of the Ad Optimization module integration. The initial goal was to test ads on audience segments that showed high conversion rates in campaigns. As a result of this test, lead costs decreased by 2.5 times, while the number of conversions increased by 41%.


  •  60 %
    Decrease in lead acquisition costs
  • + 23 %
    Increase in contextual ad revenue
  • + 41 %
    Delivery conversions increased
  • + 25 %
    Increase in table reservations
  • + 15 %
    Increase in contextual ad ROI

Why we decided to integrate the CDP and Ad Optimization modules

How the Ad Optimization module works at italy&co.

Before the module was integrated, the company’s marketers unloaded databases from the CRM system and set up advertising according to them. The average cost of the lead ranged from $2 to $5.
The Ad Optimization module made it possible to automate this process, so now audience segments are transferred to Google and Facebook. Ad accounts receive all customer information known to the CDP.
This, for example, makes it possible to find customers in churn and show them ads in order to reactivate this segment or launch a look-alike for the most valuable customers. As a result, the cost of customer attraction decreases, and the conversion rate increases.
Our future plans for using the Ad Optimization module. We are going to launch advertising campaigns for new segments such as members of our club and those who reserved tables on our website, as well as create personalized offers for each of them.
P.S. In this article we mentioned our Customer Data Platform (CDP)and the Ad Optimization module. Find out more about these modules on their pages or by speaking to one of our consultants.