How United Colors of Benetton Attracted 94.000 Customers Using the Wallet app for iOS and Android

A globally recognized clothing retailer from Italy. Founded in 1965. The company’s revenue totals over $2 billion.
Business scale. 
6000 brick-and-mortar stores in 120 countries. Dozens of brick-and-mortar stores and an online store in the CIS
Ilya Turkin,
Loyalty Program Manager, United Colors of Benetton.
Get new members to join the loyalty program through the Wallet app

IT stack. 

Online store, back-office and POS software
94,000 new customers

Time to value. 

10 months
Noteworthy features
A new channel to attract customers and a digital wallet to encourage members to join the Color Club loyalty program
The following case study is from Mindbox, the original brand behind Maestra’s technology

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To create an extra stream of customer traffic, Benetton marketers activated connectivity to the Wallet app for iOS and Android users. Customers can sign up for Benetton’s virtual COLOR CLUB loyalty program card within the app without registering with the online store or filling out a questionnaire in retail stores at checkout.
The Wallet app also supports customer access to digital payments and earned bonus points, and sends push notifications to customers’ smartphones with local retailer promotions.

What is the Wallet app?

The Wallet app is CardsMobile’s app used for the storage and usage of digital cards. It is available on both iOS and Android.
With just a couple of taps in the Wallet app, you can register a payment method with any Wallet-partnered store via their user-friendly mobile format. The app is integrated with the retailer’s CDP, meaning that each cardholder’s details are transferred directly into the partner’s CDP platform.
Offers catalog in the app
The Benetton loyalty program is not the only reason for a customer may want to install the Wallet app. They may also be interested in offers from other brands.
By displaying their offer in the app, the UCoB team are exposing it to 10 million active Wallet users, which in turn attracts new customers to their loyalty program.
Current loyalty program members can also add their loyalty card to the app to be able to track any changes in their points account and receive personalized offers.
Benetton’s loyalty card is available in the “clothing” section
Benetton’s card menu displays new school year promotions
After a customer signs up for a loyalty card, they receive 500 welcome bonus points. They will then get mobile push notifications with exclusive promotions. The customer can also view their bonus points account and use a QR code at checkout in retail stores.
On the app, a customer enters their full name, date of birth, email address and phone number. The Wallet app then verifies the phone number and email address. This data is used not only for loyalty programs, but for payment cards as well.
Once a customer loyalty card has been issued, Benetton receives verified information as well as high quality contacts.

Benetton Achievements with the Wallet app:

  • 94
    thousand new wallet users joined the program
One key metric for Benetton is the amount of customers who have joined their loyalty program through the Wallet app. Between November 2019 to August 2020, over 94,000 new customers have joined.
During that same time period, Benetton paid $12,960 for the subscription, before taxes. Among many other advantages, the app attracted customers at just $0.10 per registration.

How to Start with Wallet:

The United Colors of Benetton loyalty program operates on the Mindbox platform. This is done in order to process personal discounts and promotions at POS, collect and withdraw bonus points, issue digital loyalty cards and send push notifications.
A customer receives an automatic push notification once points have been collected.
The Wallet app displays data and promotions, generates a QR code and link to the loyalty card and delivers mobile push notifications to customers.
There is a standard combination used to support a real-time data exchange between the platform and the app. There was no need to involve Benettons’ IT team to make use of Wallet.
The Wallet and Mindbox integration can be used by other companies for free.
The Benetton loyalty card in the Wallet app. Card numbers and bonus points are imported from Mindbox

Conclusion and Plans:

United Colors of Benetton set up the exchange of data between Mindbox and the Wallet app to get a new source of online customers. This was also done to enrich the personal data of existing loyalty program members. This project enabled Benetton to attract 94,000 new members at just $0.10 per customer.
The next step will be to launch Wallet-based communication workflows, based on customer activity in the online store.