Case study. Ormatek: Increasing email channel sales from 1% to 8%

The following case study is from Mindbox, the original brand behind Maestra’s technology
Ormatek — is one of the most well-known Russian manufacturers of bedding and sleep accessories with a strong position in the overall domestic furniture market.

The challenge

Before turning to Mindbox, the client had been using a simple ESP which proved to be inefficient. Ormatek wanted to create a deeply personalized communication with a customer and to be able to segment customers by age, gender, location, shopping history, and so on. Another objective was to evaluate the impact of online communications in general and the email channel in particular on offline purchases. The ratio of email channel sales to the total revenue was chosen as a global indicator of email marketing efficiency. In six months, this figure has increased from 1% to 8%. The graph is based on Google Analytics data.

Trigger-based mailing scenarios

More than 30 automated trigger-based mailing campaigns have been set up, including the following:
  • Welcome series
  • Abandoned view of an expensive item
  • Password recovery
  • Discount digest
  • Birthday greetings
  • Special offer abandoned cart
  • Mattress turning alert
  • NPS survey
  • Reactivation
  • Next best offer

Separate templates for mattresses and other items

Since mattresses make up an important part of the Ormatek product range, it’s been decided to make a separate template for mattress abandonment. The mailing template was designed to show the entire list of each mattress’ characteristics, effectively enabling the customer to choose the desired model before going to the website. As a result, the customer would make a shopping decision upon reading the email and visit the online store only if truly interested.

Mattress turning alert

One of the project’s most interesting mailing types. By filling out a form on the website, customers can opt for getting alerted when it’s time to turn or flip their mattresses. The form fields includes the mattress’ firmness and size and the date it was last turned. Based on this data, we determine which message to send and when, with different instructions for one-sided and two-sided mattresses. We can also see which additional items to recommend and when the time comes to buy a new mattress.

Special offer abandoned cart

In addition to the standard abandonment mailing series, there is another message we send if a special offer for an item in the cart is coming to an end. Offers are updated frequently, so we linked the mailing with the store database to get automatically the offer expiration date and the specific products it applies to.

NPS survey

Ormatek regularly conducts online surveys and sends promo codes to respondents. The entire process — from creating a survey to sending promo codes to those who answered all questions — is configured in Mindbox without involving any third party services.


Over a six-month period, we have launched more than 30 trigger-based mailing series. The email channel revenue has increased from 1% to 8% of the total sales. Throughout the course of the project we have always been experimenting: launching unusual scenarios, conducting A/B tests, setting up polls, creating different templates for different product categories, etc.