Audiomania Boosted Email Channel Revenue and Became a Gateway for Customers into the Music Industry

Audiomania is an international supplier and manufacturer of audio and video equipment for professionals and amateurs. Founded in 1997
Increase revenue from the email channel
Transitioned from traditional email campaigns to personalized real-time customer journeysUtilized customer data to provide tailored content for diverse audience segments, from budget shoppers to high-end audio enthusiasts
49% increase in revenue from the email channel YoY
Audiomania works with clients who differ greatly from each other in terms of purchase categories and decision-making process:
  • Some purchase items under $10. They choose quickly and place orders immediately.
  • Another group purchases vinyl records once a month, spending tens of dollars. They read articles on music and vinyl.
  • A different segment purchases serious audio equipment for thousands, updating it every three to four years. They choose thoughtfully and take their time — reading articles, watching reviews.
  • Lastly, there are those who order home theaters worth tens of thousands dollars. They take a long time to choose, and the installation of the home theater can take up to a year.
Communicating effectively requires tailored approaches based on product category, client type, and behavior.


  • +49%
    Email channel revenue growth YoY
  • 38%
    Of email revenue comes from flows, meaning they require no manual effort from the marketing team
  • 20.12%
    Open rate
  • 2.87% 
    Click rate
  • 0.37% 
    Unsubscribe rate