12.5% Of Publishers Now Join via Emails. How Admitad Partner Network Automated Communications with Webmasters

Admitad Partner Network helps top-tier brands like AliExpress, Lenovo, and EGO increase their sales and traffic by collaborating with publishers (content creators, marketers, cashback services and other platforms with a significant audience).
Company size. 
30 thousand advertisers
1 million webmasters
Dmitry Konstantinov,
Head of Direct Marketing at Admitad
Increase webmaster registration conversion
Increase revenue from webmaster commission
Make it easier for managers to work with new application
Launched an onboarding email series

Launched segmented emails for webmasters

Set up pop-ups for applications with automatic manager notifications and developed a unique customer segmentation for each business, so that everyone can receive personalized content

IT stack. 

Website, Marketing Automation Platform Mindbox
The company assesses the effectiveness of emails by the number of webmaster connections made to the advertiser’s offer. This indicator is measured in joins:12.5% share of total joins received from the email channel31,8% share of total joins received by connecting the email channel
The following case study is from Mindbox, the original brand behind Maestra’s technology
Admitad Partner Network is a platform that brings together advertisers and webmasters (marketers and bloggers). For example, if an online store needs to increase traffic, it posts an offer in Admitad Affiliate. The webmaster accepts the offer, receives an affiliate link to the online store, and posts it on their blog. In turn, their audience follows the link and makes purchases in the online store. By doing this, the webmaster receives a share of sales and Admitad Affiliate Network gets a commission.
Therefore, it is important for the service that webmasters register, connect to advertisers’ offers, and generate traffic and sales. To achieve this, we:
  • Developed an onboarding email series;
  • Presented new offers from advertisers in the industry and the webmaster’s region;
  • Launched pop-ups to collect applications from webmasters and advertisers with notifications sent to Admitad Partner Network managers.


Most Admitad Partner Network communications aim to get the webmaster to join the advertiser’s offer. This is why the company measures the efficiency of its emails in “joins” — in other words, how many publishers join the offer.
  • 12.5 %
    share of total joins received from the email channel. (Last click attribution method, 2021)
  • 31.8 %
    share of total joins received by connecting the email channel.
Data from Admitad Partner Network’s internal reporting

12,5% is the average share of total joins received from the email channel

Data from Admitad Partner Network's internal reporting, using the last-click attribution method, 2021

How the email onboarding for webmasters works

Onboarding helps new webmasters start earning with Admitad Partner Network. It is based on the funnel they go through when they start working with an affiliate network:
  1. Registration;
  2. Adding a platform (Instagram, TikTok, or another network);
  3. Connecting to the advertiser’s affiliate program;
  4. Getting the first click on an affiliate link;
  5. The first confirmed sale.
The purpose of each email of the onboarding sequence is to help the webmaster move on to the next stage. At the same time, the emails take into account the webmaster’s actions. For example, a webmaster registered, received the first four emails that taught them how to add a website, but didn’t add it. The fourth email will then be repeated once a month until the webmaster moves on to the next step, unsubscribes, or until six months have passed.
The first onboarding email
Sent as soon as the webmaster registers:
  • Open rate
  • Click rate
The second onboarding email
Sent every other day if the webmaster has not added a platform or the previous email has not been delivered:
  • Open rate
  • Click rate
The third onboarding email
Sent in two days if the webmaster has not added a platform or the previous email has not been delivered:
  • Open rate
  • Click rate
The fourth onboarding email
Sent in a month and resends in another six months, until the webmaster unsubscribes or goes on to the next step:
  • Open rate
  • Click rate
More recently, another stage was added to the email chain — when the webmaster receives the first minimum amount that can be withdrawn. So far, we’ve only added one email for this stage but we plan on further developing the chain.
Since Admitad Partner Network operates in ten countries and sends communications in different languages, the onboarding chain is different for each country. In the most promising language segments, it consists of seventeen emails, whereas in less developed ones, it consists of five emails, with one email for each stage of the funnel.

How to segment bulk email recipients

Admitad Partner Network sends 12-20 manual mailings per week with the help of two marketers:
  1. Digests with affiliate marketing trends, successful cases in e-commerce and other segments;
  2. Mailings about new advertisers;
  3. Promotional mailings with advertisers’ offers;
  4. Newsletters about marathons and festivals (i.e., periods with more favorable conditions);
  5. Content emails from the Admitad Academy.
Based on interest in emails. Content emails take into account whether the webmaster has read previous emails. This helps avoid annoying all the subscribers who are not interested in content with news and digests.
Weekly Digest
Sent to webmasters who have subscribed to news emails and have opened them in the last three months:
  • Open rate
  • Click rate
Admitad Academy email
Sent to webmasters who have subscribed to news emails and opened newsletters over the past two months:
  • Open rate
  • Click rate
Based on region and language. Admitad Partner Network works with clients from many countries around the world, including the USA, India, Germany, and Poland. Therefore, webmasters are also segmented by region and language.
Email about new partner programs
This was sent to webmasters in the USA and the UK who added a platform, accepted offers ands opened Admitad Affiliate campaigns for the last three months:
  • Open rate
  • Click rate
Email about new partner programs
This was sent to webmasters in India who signed up for new affiliate programs:
  • Open rate
  • Click rate
By industry. In order to increase webmaster activity, they are invited to participate in marathons and festivals, which are periods with more favorable conditions. Sometimes advertisers themselves order campaigns advertising their offers in order to attract more webmasters. To avoid spamming subscribers, they are segmented by the industry they work with. For instance, if a webmaster works with games and software, they will not be sent an offer from a travel company.
Promotional mailing for a family clothing brand
Sent to webmasters who work with clothes and children’s goods:
  • Open rate
  • Click rate
Promotional mailing for an information security service
Sent to webmasters who work with Internet services:
  • Open rate
  • Click rate
Based on activity on the platform. Admitad Partner Network tests the reactivation of webmasters from time to time. Perhaps, over time, they will automate this type of email campaign.
An email asking for feedback
This is sent to active webmasters who have not made an affiliate link click for a long time
  • Open rate
  • Click rate

How we simplified the work with applications for managers

Admitad Partner Network has many landing pages for different audiences of advertisers and webmasters. When a visitor clicks on the button, a pop-up with a registration form will appear. Once filled in, the data will go straight into Mindbox.
Pop-up on the landing page for advertisers

Marketing development plans

  1. Use pop-ups to onboard webmasters. Unlike email campaigns, the pop-up appears in the personal account just when the webmaster is working on the system and ready to receive information about it. At the same time, it cannot be skipped or disabled, like campaigns via an email channel. That’s why Admitad Affiliate is now developing pop-ups for webmaster onboarding. The plan is to make onboarding in the personal account available in English and German to start.
  2. Launch pop-ups with advertiser offers for active webmasters.
  3. Refine the onboarding sequence to make it more personalized. For example, it’s important to consider the type of platform. If the webmaster has connected an Instagram account, then they receive emails regarding Instagram. It’s also crucial to take into account which types of advertisers’ offers the webmaster connects to: e-commerce, finance, Internet services, games, mobile apps, or tourist offers.
  4. Send transactional messages via Mindbox. At the moment, transactional messages are sent through the admin panel of the platform. However, the layouts are outdated and don’t adapt well to the size of the screen. Sending them via Mindbox will not only improve the emails but will also be useful to the sender’s domain because transactional emails usually have good indicators, which will increase the trust of campaign services.
  5. Try recommendations in emails and on the website. To begin with, Amitad plan to show similar offers on the offer page.