4ocean’s Personal Impact Report Now Possible after Switching to Maestra from Klaviyo

A mission-driven company dedicated to ending the ocean plastic crisis
Company size. 
250 employees
Vice President Marketing
Inspire contributors to increase their impact on the mission to recover trash from the world’s oceans, rivers, and coastlines
Launch personalized impact reports tailored by content, design, and sending frequency

IT stack. 

Maestra — the next generation marketing platformShopify
49.3% of active contributors read the reports, increasing engagement and impact

Previous platform. 

Noteworthy features
Contributors’ impact in pounds and progress towards Plastic Negativity are calculated in real-time through Maestra’s bonus points functionalityProgress bars and charts are automatically rendered at the time of sending

About 4ocean

4ocean was founded by two surfers with the goal of ending the ocean plastic crisis. Their unique value proposition is removing five pounds of trash for every purchase of their merchandise, with 100% of profits going toward the mission. They have removed 36M pounds of trash from oceans since 2017.


One of the key components of 4ocean’s strategy is their impact reports, which inspire contributors and unite the community. Whether or not 4ocean can end the ocean plastic crisis depends on how many contributors support the project, how often, and to what extent they make an impact. Nothing motivates people quite like feeling the results of their work in the form of influencing the lives of future generations.
However, 4ocean faced several challenges in creating the impact reports:
  • Calculating impact in pounds instead of financial terms or product quantities.
  • Setting contributor goals based on pounds of removed trash.
  • Tracking and communicating progress towards achieving Plastic Negativity (removing more plastic than they use).
Their previous marketing platform couldn’t handle the required complexity.

Solution: Personalized Impact Reporting with Maestra

4ocean partnered with Maestra to launch a personalized email impact report system. The solution included:
Real-time impact and progress calculation: Contributors’ impact in pounds and progress towards Plastic Negativity are calculated in real-time through Maestra’s bonus points functionality.
Dynamic content and design: Emails are personalized in terms of content and design, based on the contributor’s purchase history and activity. Progress bars and charts are automatically rendered at the time of sending.
Flexible frequency: The frequency of report emails is tailored to each contributor’s level of engagement to avoid overwhelming them.
This is how the report appears to a contributor:
Progress bars and charts are automatically rendered at the time of sending


  • 49.3%
    of active contributors read the reports
After switching to Maestra from Klaviyo, 4ocean eventually launched their personalized email impact report, increasing contributor engagement and driving their mission forward.
With Maestra
Contributors were unaware of their environmental impact
Contributors receive emails with their impact calculated in pounds of removed trash at the time of sending
Contributors were unaware of their progress towards Plastic Negativity
The email impact report shows contributors’ real-time progress toward Plastic Negativity
Contributors had to check 4ocean’s site to see the overall impact of the community
The email impact report includes the overall impact statistics pulled from the 4ocean database at the time of sending
Curious for more details? Keep reading. Here we break down each component of the report — how it is personalized and how it supports 4ocean’s mission.

How the Impact Report Works


The core of the impact report personalization is a flow:
In the Maestra flow builder, the flow looks similar:

Dynamic Content of the Email

4ocean tailors communications for each contributor, engaging them at the right time and motivating them towards new achievements.
1. Real-time impact calculation. Maestra calculates the contributor’s impact in pounds of removed trash in real-time.
2. Real-time progress calculation. Maestra also calculates the contributor’s progress towards Plastic Negativity in real-time.
3. Customized text and blocks. Depending on the recency of purchases, contributors receive different texts and email blocks:
If a contributor hasn’t purchased 4ocean merchandise in over a month, they are encouraged to increase their impact immediately by purchasing new arrivals
If a contributor has never purchased 4ocean merchandise, they are encouraged to become a ‘Trash-Busting Hero’
Regular contributors receive the monthly impact report, motivating them to continue their journey towards becoming Plastic Negative
4. Community and overall impact. While it feels great to take pride in your personal impact, it’s equally rewarding to feel part of a larger community working towards an important mission. So, in addition to individual achievements, 4ocean also displays the overall impact statistics of the entire community. This overall impact is calculated at the time of email sending, with Maestra pulling data from the 4ocean Database:

Dynamic Design of the Email

4ocean is resource-conscious and always seeks clever ways to scale efforts. With Maestra, the impact report design is scalable to infinity. Designers set the logic and styles, while the platform handles the rest automatically without human intervention.
Contributor progress towards Plastic Negativity is shown with monthly and yearly scales, both rendered automatically at the time of sending based on the real-time calculated impact:
Similarly, overall impact statistics of the community are graphically represented by rendering automatically at the time of sending:

Flexible Frequency of Sending

4ocean is committed to maintaining a balance between inspiring our contributors without inundating them with communications. As such, the frequency of emails is individually determined for each contributor.
For example, active contributors receive the report monthly:
If you haven’t purchased the merchandise or interacted with 4ocean in the past 90 days, you won’t receive the impact report—indicating you may not be prepared to engage with the email:
However, if you have interacted, 4ocean ensures there’s a two-month gap since your last impact report before sending you a new one:

Calculation of Impact in Pounds and Progress towards Plastic Negativity

The impact report is possible due to Maestra’s bonus points functionality.
Calculation of impact in pounds. For each purchase made, Maestra rewards the contributor with five pounds in bonus points. 4ocean can apply these points across various engagement channels, including emails, SMS, website pop-ups, and call center scripts.
History of bonus points (pounds) accumulation in the 4ocean customer profile
Progress towards Plastic Negativity. Based on the total pounds balance, Maestra determines the contributor’s status on the journey to Plastic Negativity. This sets performance goals for contributors and regularly shows their progress, thus encouraging their continuous engagement and motivation.

Next Steps

The next big step is aligning the contributor experience in email and on-site using the Maestra Website Personalization engine. 4ocean is going to personalize the content and design of embedded blocks on their website to show contributor impact in pounds and progress towards Plastic Negativity, both calculated in real-time. This will engage contributors and help them increase and track their impact.

4ocean & Maestra collaboration

The impact report was made possible by the efforts of the 4ocean team. Thank you all for your commitment and dedication to the mission! 🫡
The 4ocean team has already launched 30 flows on the Maestra platform, so many exciting case studies are ahead. Stay tuned!
And feel free to reach out to the Maestra customer success team with any questions.