How 12 STOREEZ Doubled Its Direct Marketing Revenue Growth

The following case study is from Mindbox, the original brand behind Maestra’s technology
12 STOREEZ is a fashion retailer founded by two young designers, twin sisters Marina and Irina Golomazdina. The designers create women’s clothes that are trendy and mix and match together perfectly. Each new piece can effortlessly fit into customers’ existing wardrobes to create a huge variety of stylish looks.
The brand has a database of loyal customers, who want to be the first to know about latest fashion updates, 12 STOREEZ’s special offers and contests, that’s is why our goal was to develop their email communications and to make the email channel one of the leading sources of customers’ repeat purchases.

Why Mindbox

Before their Mindbox integration, 12 STOREEZ only sent manual email campaigns through Mailchimp. When the marketing team decided to create automated email workflows, they found that it was difficult to integrate Mailchimp with mailing automation providers. This is why 12 STOREEZ decided to switch from Mailchimp to Mindbox. The integration process was easy, and within a couple of months post-implementation, 12 STOREEZ launched its first automated email and SMS campaigns.

Automation roadmap

Revenue growth

The team at 12 STOREEZ did not have to wait long to see their first results. According to data from Google Analytics, 3 months after their integration, the revenue of the email channel almost doubled in comparison to the overall revenue.

Automated email workflows

12 STOREEZ developed a new universal email template for personalized messages using the visual campaign builder. This template was then used to create emails for automated workflows. 12 STOREEZ also began to send transactional and triggered SMS messages to provide customers with order status updates.
Some of the launched automated workflows include:
  • Abandoned cart
  • Abandoned view
  • Abandoned category
  • Product is now available
  • Welcome campaign
  • Transactional emails and SMS messages
  • NPS survey

Abandoned view

When it comes to the fashion industry, good copy in emails will never be enough. Customers need to see large, colorful images that will make them fall in love with the item. That’s why the marketing team at 12 STOREEZ use huge images in all their communications.

NPS survey

The team collect customers’ feedback about their shopping experience. After making a purchase, customers get an email asking them to evaluate the quality of the service. By clicking on the review block in the email, recipients are redirected to a webpage where they can rate the service on a scale from 1-10 and write a review in a text box. If a customer leaves negative feedback, this data will be transferred to the call center.

Product recommendations

Our team set up product recommendations on the 12 STOREEZ website. The recommendation algorithm settings can be edited and fine-tuned with ease through Mindbox’s interface.


Since 12 STOREEZ implemented Mindbox, the brand’s team has:
  • Started to use a user-friendly interface for bulk mailings
  • Launched triggered and transactional messages
  • Implemented product recommendations on their website
  • Started to use the SMS-channel
As a result, the email-channel’s share of overall ecommerce revenue almost doubled during the first few months post-integration.
In the future, 12 STOREEZ plan on launching several new personalized triggered email workflows.